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How to get the best engagement out of qualitative respondents

Engaging respondents is crucial for conducting successful qualitative research. But when people use qualitative research software, the rules of engagement don’t change. Regardless of the technology, when respondents genuinely invest in your study, they offer richer insights, helping you answer complex business challenges. So no matter the platform, best practices in qualitative techniques and strategies to maximize respondent engagement is the name of the game. Here are seven ways to make your participants in paid online research studies feel comfortable and increase their engagement. 


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_11. Design Engaging Research Activities

One of the primary advantages of online asynchronous research is the variety of interactive activities you can employ to elicit meaningful responses. Instead of relying solely on open-ended questions, you can use photo and video tasks, card sorts, collages, and many other methods. The key is to make these activities interesting and relevant to your respondents.

Take advantage of HatchTank’s 25+ different question types to create unique and engaging tasks. By combining activities like single response tasks, journals, diaries, and more, you can design research that keeps respondents engaged while providing you with the valuable insights you need.


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_22. Ensure Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface is crucial to the respondent's experience and their willingness to engage. If the technology is too complicated, respondents may lose interest or become frustrated, negatively impacting the quality of their input.

We ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience for online qualitative research. It’s compatible with any modern browser and device, so respondents can participate without downloading plugins or apps. This ease of use encourages engagement and can lead to more detailed and thoughtful responses.


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_33. Foster a Sense of Community

One of the unique advantages of asynchronous research is that it allows for ongoing conversations. Creating a sense of community among respondents can significantly increase engagement levels. Respondents will be more inclined to share their thoughts and experiences when they feel they are part of a community.

HatchTank’s platform is ideal for fostering this sense of community. By allowing interactions among respondents, you can create vibrant online communities that produce rich qualitative data over an extended period.


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_44. Give Feedback and Show Appreciation

Respondents want to know that their input is valuable and appreciated. Providing feedback on their responses or simply thanking them for their time and insights can go a long way in maintaining and increasing engagement.

At HatchTank, we believe in the value of human support. Our team can guide you in providing feedback to respondents, enhancing their experience, and making them feel valued.


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_55. Ensure Confidentiality and Privacy

Online qualitative research, especially asynchronous studies, often involve sharing sensitive or personal information. Assuring respondents that their responses will remain confidential can encourage them to share openly and honestly.

At HatchTank, we take privacy and confidentiality seriously. We use robust security measures to ensure that all respondent data is protected. When respondents feel safe, they're more likely to engage and provide quality responses.


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_66. Leverage Visual and Multimedia Stimuli

The online space offers a myriad of options for visual and multimedia stimuli that can be used to prompt respondent engagement. Utilizing this, along with text-based prompts, can lead to richer, more nuanced responses.

HatchTank provides the ability to utilize various multimedia stimuli in your research. By including images, videos, and other interactive elements in your activities, you can stimulate respondents' creativity and enhance their engagement.


20230315-hat-blog-7-qualitative-techniques-to-get-the-best-engagement_77. Provide Adequate Time for Response

Asynchronous research provides respondents with the luxury of time. By giving them an adequate timeframe to think about and articulate their responses, you allow for deeper reflection and, in turn, richer data.

HatchTank supports this by allowing research to be structured in a way that suits your and your respondents' needs best. By scheduling tasks across days or weeks, you allow respondents to participate at their own pace, leading to more thoughtful engagement.


Engaging qualitative respondents in online asynchronous research is both an art and a science. By combining sound research practices with advanced tools and an intuitive interface, researchers can effectively drive engagement, yielding powerful insights to tackle pressing business challenges. We’re committed to offering an enjoyable, seamless, and efficient experience for online qualitative research. Through our platform, we hope to enable research professionals to harness the power of online asynchronous research to its full potential. After all, it's not just about the tech. It's about the people using it. 

HatchTank: Tech-enabled. Human-supported.

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