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How HatchTank saves research teams time and money

The ever-evolving landscape of market research presents a challenge for those tasked with managing multiple initiatives simultaneously. With a multitude of responsibilities and limited resources, research departments require a dependable, centralized platform that serves as their go-to source for answers to questions beyond their scope.

With these circumstances, few have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a single project fully. That's why there's an increasing demand for a comprehensive and dependable source of information that can answer questions and provide unwavering support for initiatives, staff, participants, organizations, and clients. The need for a one-stop shop is quickly becoming a necessity rather than just a convenience.

In today's fast-paced environment, time is a precious commodity, and project success depends on a well-executed front-end plan. To mitigate the risk of costly missteps and streamline the research process, a comprehensive solution is necessary.

In fact, pressures around timeframes and budgets are quickly elevating that relationship from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” The most crucial work must be done at the front end of a project before a single participant is recruited and questioned, which saves time – and money – later.

At HatchTank, we understand the unique needs of research departments and provide a one-stop-shop qualitative research platform that integrates study discussion guide review, programming, recruiting, tips for analysis, and more. Our platform consolidates these services, minimizing the risk of duplicated effort, and our team of experts drives economies and efficiency through seamless interactivity and a centralized source of support.

Our goal is to bring our customers’ ideas to life through the best qualitative data analysis software. So, our first task is to understand exactly what clients are looking for, not only in terms of consumer feedback but also what will make the researcher’s life easier when it’s time for analysis. We listen to ideas, develop some of our own, ask and answer questions, and make sure we understand the desired outcomes of the study.

Our customers don't need to be tech-savvy to use our platform and uncover valuable insights. What they do need is guidance on how to leverage our platform to drive meaningful results. Our focus is on providing a user-friendly experience where our customers can quickly and easily obtain actionable insights without needing a deep understanding of how our software for qualitative analysis operates. 

A recent project with a healthcare company showcases the power of our all-in-one platform. The company wanted to gather consumer feedback on its marketing messaging and kickstarted the project in November with a deadline set for mid-December. With all necessary services available in-house, we were able to perform tasks in parallel, resulting in near real-time insights. This allowed the client to continuously refine and improve their questions, leading to a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment and direction for future marketing efforts.

Research projects are complex and require not only technical proficiency but also interpersonal skills. By partnering with a trusted, objective third party, research departments can rely on a cohesive team and efficient processes to achieve their goals. At Hatch Tank, our platform, experts, and services are backed by a team of professionals who possess drive, purpose, and respect for all stakeholders, ensuring project success.

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