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3 Important questions to ask about the humans behind the research tech

When it comes to market research, there is a lot of technology out there. There are also many firms in the space, offering a variety of services, each with its own unique approach to your projects. Selecting the right partner to work with – as well as the right technology – can be tricky. How do you know what will work best for your team and your stakeholders, and deliver the most meaningful, actionable results? Here at HatchTank, we blend the best of technology with expert human support, to provide you with the most advanced, robust, and authentic consumer insights from your research participants

How to Find the Ideal Research Technology Platform

Research technology, or ‘restech’, has come a long way over the years. Today, there are countless platforms that offer excellent DIY solutions for research teams to design and deploy studies for the consumer insights they need. The trouble is, most DIY solutions require your team to vet and evaluate the data – often comparing apples to oranges – and make sense of those insights before presenting them to your stakeholders. If time and resources were no barrier, this wouldn’t be a problem. Experienced specialists have no trouble examining and taking meaning from consumer insights data. Of course, there’s no such thing as limitless time and resources, for any team. These days, teams are stretched thin and have limited time and manpower to deploy a research project and have it completed, before stakeholders are asking for answers to those pressing business challenges. 
Most research teams are looking for a well-rounded solution that offers both speed and quality. Finding the ideal qualitative research platform for your projects means asking 3 important questions, including: 

How do I use the platform to its full capacity?


No matter which platform you choose, you should understand its capabilities and whether or not your team will be able to use it to its full capacity. Qualitative research platforms come in all shapes and sizes, offering a huge variety of approaches and solutions for gathering consumer insights data. Be sure to explore all of the features for any platform you are considering and ask yourself, can we use this to its full capacity, ensuring the best return on our investment? 
The HatchTank platform is not only powerful in terms of technology and tools but is also simple to set up and deploy. From fully DIY options to project management solutions that help put time back in your day, HatchTank has the perfect solution for your next research project. 

Does your technology partner have researchers on their team?

All the technical genius in the world is for nothing without the experience and expertise required. When selecting a research partner and platform, understand the humans behind the research tech. Are they researchers themselves? Do they understand the methodology, the business questions of your stakeholders and appreciate the impact of quantitative and qualitative research? 
Our team at HatchTank is founded and led by experts in the consumer insights industry. We don’t just build great technology but have the experience and understanding to make it work for our clients. Both our platform and our team are flexible, dynamic, and results-orientated. 

Can they provide quality feedback both during and after the project?

Many qualitative research platforms are DIY in name and nature, meaning that your team could spend a lot of their time busy with technical issues with the technology, evaluating results, jettisoning unreliable or incomplete data, and trying to make improvements for future projects. Without expertise in exploratory research, many platforms utilize the same old questions, via the same old techniques – delivering results that are neither innovative nor inspiring. 
The best research platforms put time back in your day, allowing your team to focus on garnering insights from consumer feedback. They do this by having best-in-class technology, foolproof implementation and execution, and a team of experts behind the technology.

Don’t forget: It’s important to think not only about the investment in the software itself, but also the opportunity cost of losing quality insights due to a study that isn’t set up correctly. Choosing the right platform means making the most of your investment and NOT wasting time or resources on the wrong technology. 

HatchTank is Technology-Enabled and Human-Supported

HatchTank is so much more than a DIY research platform. Our experts provide quality feedback for your current project as well as for continual improvement. We are committed to continually evolving and improving, just like you are. Our ever-growing suite of solutions helps to drive success for our clients, allowing for better intelligence gathering, more meaningful insights, and better business decisions. 

With HatchTank, you can rest assured that your research partner is as passionate about online qualitative research as you are. Our platform is technology-enabled and human-supported, giving you the power to make your research come alive.

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